Why sell fridse

Why Sell Fridse?

To the Friesian world and especially those who love Fridse 423 Sport:

Kamilla and I continue to own and operate Feys Unit LLC, DBA Wish Upon A Ster Friesians.  In addition to our farm life, we each enjoy full-time professional careers but our most important love, responsibility and dedication is to our three beautiful young children - ages four, six and seven.

We also love owning Fridse 423 Sport. He is incredible and has made a significant impact with our farm business, but we feel we owe our best time for the next several years to our children who seem to be growing-up all too quickly.

We also believe that being a stallion owner comes with a certain responsibility. We feel we have not been able to dedicate the necessary amount of time and energy to promote the breed itself, as well as Fridse 423 Sport as the most spectacular example of the Friesian breed.

Thus, we’ve reached the difficult decision that since Fridse deserves the chance to excel and shine, and due to other obligations we are not currently able to provide him with that opportunity, this will require our parting with him.  We do so reluctantly, but knowing that it’s the right thing to do.

It is critical that he go to the ideal home where he will receive the top-notch care, deep love, respect and the admiration which he deserves.

We thank you for your interest Fridse 423 Sport.  Please contact us with additional questions regarding Fridse or stallion ownership in general.  It is an amazing and worthwhile experience, and Fridse 423 Sport is an amazing and wonderful Friesian horse.


G. Steven Feys

Feys Unit, LLC

DBA Wish Upon A Ster Friesians

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