Training and Lessons

Feys Unit, LLC:

Training, riding, driving lessons and rides!


From minis to drafts, foals to stallions, here, at Wish Upon a Ster Friesians, we train it all! We are pleased to provide a wide range of training: Classical dressage, driving, show jumping, eventing, keuring preparation and conditioning, general show training as well as all-around training and equine care programs including 1, 3 & 5 day mini camps.


At Wish Upon a Ster Friesians, our focus remains on each individual equine friend and what he or she is ready for from the beginning to the end ~ physically & psychologically. We bring each young horse along according to his or her ability to progress, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all program which we do not believe in.


We strive to build confidence in each horse and rider not to break it down. We offer a positive, safe and upbeat atmosphere for each & every horse and rider. When the weather is inclement, we have a huge indoor arena (This video showcases one of our sold horses and was filmed in our indoor arena), so there is no lag in our training or our lesson program.  We find that this additional opportunity is incredibly important for each horse in training, be it yours or one of our Friesians at the farm.   

Lessons: Riding & Driving Instruction on a Friesian!


At Wish Upon a Ster Friesians, a wonderful and unique program we offer is riding or driving lessons on selected Friesians from our barn. We are fortunate to have wonderful Friesian horses who are adept at ’teaching,’ and our gifted instructors are fantastic!

Our trainers can also teach you about lunging, ground manners or how to prepare your horse for a show!