Testimonials from some of our satisfied clients!
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Owner: Dave and Linda Fisher
Adopted Friesian's: Hilbert Fan De Slachtedyk (Stallion) and Gretaa II
Adopted Belgian: BB Mary
Horse(s) Trained: Hilbert Fan De Slachtedyk (Stallion), Gretaa II and BB Mary

"Steve, Kamilla, we just wanted to send a belated thank you note to you and your entire crew.  You not only sold us two full of life, healthy and dynamic Friesian horses that we are very proud of, but, you also became outstanding mentors, trainers and friends to us these past few years.
When we were green rookies, you were patient and always very supportive when we needed advise and help.  Your common sense and positive approach to virtually all equine business and personal issues revolving around the functions of horse ownership is something we now try to emulate within our own small farm and Animal Sports Therapy business.  Your hands on advise has been invaluable to us as we've evolved from rookie horse owners to pretty damn good ones. Again, thanks, you guys are great! Don't ever let anything or anyone get in the way of your dream."
~WUAS Fight On~

Owner: David Deal, Stables At Rolling Ridge
Horse(s) Adopted: Ivan Ster Stallion & Romke Ster Stallion
Horse(s) Trained: Ivan, Meindert, Falko

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how thankful we are to you and your "farm family" for not only taking such outstanding care of our two boys, Meindent and Falko, but also for our recent additions - which we purchased from you. Ivan and Romke have both been not only spectacular to the eye, but great to live with. I know that they will both become outstanding competitors in the dressage ring and we can't wait to show Ivan this spring. Again, thank you so much for such a professional experience. We certainly would have been at a loss without your guidance and caring approach to our whole experience."

Visitor: Brittany Z

"Steven & Kamilla, I would like to thank you for letting my father and me visit your Friesian farm. You have the nicest farm I've seen and everything is well thought out, efficient and beautiful. We had one the best time ever when we visited recently and did not want to leave. I have a love for horses, esp. Friesians, and being able to come there and see them was like a dream come true. Both you and your staff were incredibly sweet and incredibly welcoming. It was difficult for us to leave but we look forward to returning to see you and your horses soon. You guys are the best!"

Student: Janina Nilsson

"I have to let you know how pleased I am with the lessons I have received recently at the farm. For the first time I was able to take a Classical Dressage lesson with your trainer Damian Maciel and it was the best lesson I have ever experienced. I now question the depth of the lessons I have been taking previously. I know my lessons here will continue and that doing so will make me an outstanding competitor in the dressage ring when I return to Sweden. Thank you so much for such a professional experience and for bringing Damian into your farm family. The farm certainly has it all, GO TEAM WUAS!!!"

Fridse 423 Sport fan: Dan Hermann, Forest Gate Friesians

"I remember seeing this stallion in Holland at the stallion show before he got approved. I just knew that he is one of the most magnificent stallions I have ever seen. I like Onne's conformation a little bit better but Fridse was only 3 when I saw him. Still, he's in my top two for conformation. I got chills just looking at him and that doesn't happen very often to me, and I've seen the best of the best in many breeds."

Owner: Eli Dock
Horse Adopted: Arjen

"Gee, where do I begin....the whole experience was a pleasure. Steven was so helpful from the moment I said I was interested in looking for a gelding. The timing was right and I was on my way to the first open house at Wish Upon A Ster farm. I am very firm about meeting the animals that come into my life, and therefore wanted to see and touch the horse and get assurance from him that we were meant to be together. Well, needless to say, Arjen and I experienced love at first sight! Everyone saw the chemistry and knew it was meant to be. Arjen really selected me. Steven was tickled about that. Many others were interested in him, but there was just a magic between the two of us. Gosh, I still get goose bumps! Okay...now what...well, again, Steven was great. We talked about the details, had a pre-purchase veterinarian check and figured out a date for him to arrive. This all took place over the course of 25 days. During the time I was waiting to settle everything I was invited to come see Arjen each weekend, which really made me feel like part of the family. And, of course, I did come and visit. When Arjen was shipped, Steven was kind enough to call me and reassure me that he would arrive safely, and he did (those hours were torture). Throughout the whole experience Steven and Kamilla never pressured me to buy and I felt completely comfortable with the decision I made. We exchanged emails and I now feel that they honored me with their trust to adopt this beautiful horse. My life has not been the same since, nor will it ever be. It is amazing that dreams do come true.... I'm in tears now!"

Owner: Kathy Curtis
Horse Adopted: Nylis fan Vels
Horse Trained: Nylis fan Vels

"My journey to Wish Upon A Ster and my wonderful Friesian gelding Nylis was at the end of a long road in time and distance. I had owned a horse for about a year, over 30 years ago, but had to sell him when my family moved. Up until now, I had never had the time, circumstances, or money to buy another horse, until I found my wonderful horse at Wish Upon A Ster. There were a number of horses I considered during my search, but chose my Wish Upon A Ster Frieisan horse for many reasons: he is well trained, smart, and has excellent breeding. The Friesian breed is extraordinary and the people around him are solid and loving horse people. They care very much about their horses and their customers. Additionally, they know and teach riding, driving, and showing skills. I wanted to be part of a place where I could grow in my abilities and confidence as a horsewomen but most of all I wanted my horse to be in a safe and caring home where he could have a good life. Nylis has this at Wish Upon A Ster, and I have found a place beyond my most ambitious hopes to pursue my goals. Thank you all so much for your dedication, effort and loving care that makes my Wish Upon A Ster horse a dream come true!"

Owner: Deidre M.
Horse Adopted: Ritske P.
Horse(s) Trained: Ritske P.

"We can't tell you how happy we are with the newest addition to our family, Ritske is such a joy to spend time with. We had a wonderful experience purchasing from Wish Upon A Ster. Everyone was easy to work with, friendly and informative. We were extremely impressed with the trainer which gave us great confidence that the horse we were buying would be just what we wanted. All of the horses were very well cared for, and clearly well loved. We were especially impressed that the staff was interested in matching each horse to the right family.... which in our case has turned out wonderfully. We appreciated all of the effort that went in to ensuring that we would have a good experience."

Owner: Mary and Scott Pinzone
Horse Adopted: Anton
Horse Trained: Anton

"My wife and I found more than the horse of our dreams at Wish Upon A Ster. Steven and Kamilla have invited us into their lives as well as providing us with a beautiful Friesian. Steven and his excellent staff helped us to select just the right horse for our riding needs. Steven combines an obvious love for horses with an easy, down to earth style for his clients. Even more impressive than the immaculate facilities, beautiful horses and excellent staff is the steadfast principle to provide a Friesian only to a good home. We felt more like lucky adoptive parents than horse buyers. Wish Upon A Ster is everything we could have hoped for. My wife and I arrived at Wish Upon A Ster as prospective purchasers, and we have left new parents of a Friesians and with a new family in the Feys."

Owner: Wayne and Karen Young
Horse(s) Adopted: Idske and Elske
Horse Trained: Elske

"We purchased two mares from Wish Upon A Ster Friesians and were very pleased with the quality of the animals at the farm. The horses were exquisite and carefully chosen for the very best qualities. We placed a high priority on training with our horses and trusted them to the staff at the farm. We have every confidence they will perform beautifully in the show ring."

Owner: Traci Melvin
Horse Adopted: Geert a.k.a Solomon
Horse Trained: Geert a.k.a Soloman

"Geert is one of the best things to have ever happened to me. He is my dream horse. He has been in perfect health since I have had him, and he is a barn favorite. Along with his puppy dog personality, he is a quick learner, brave, and willing. Everyone at Wish Upon A Ster was friendly, supportive, and sensitive to my needs in finding the perfect horse for my family and me. I fully trust Steven and the Wish Upon A Ster staff to offer quality horses that are loved and cherished and kept in a safe and clean environment. They are honest professionals and I recommend WUAS highly to anyone seeking any of their services."

Owner: Jeanne B.
Horse Adopted: Tsjalling
Horse Trained: Tsjalling

"When I called Steven Feys for the first time I never thought I would find a horse to buy since he didn't have the gelding I was looking for. He invited us down, and we were excited about being able to see so many Friesians at one time. He told me "any horse was for sale." I was still skeptical about finding my dream horse. We had been to look at other Friesians, and they had not taken my breath away. Upon arrival, I was immediately drawn to this silhouette of a handsome horse. A guest we invited to go with us asked: "does this one take your breath away?" I had tears well up inside of me and exclaimed "he's a stallion, oh my God, he's beautiful!" As Steven began to show us the horses, I couldn't get my mind off the stallion. After all, he had said he was for sale. I couldn't have a stallion because I board and I have another horse. Steven told me that he could be gelded. We left Steven's that day and continued to look, but ultimately decided to have him gelded. He is now my beautiful gelding and I have never been around a horse quite like Tsjalling. Our trainer comments on not only his beauty, but how smart he is, and how easy going he is. Ex-stallion and all! Not that geldings can't take your breath away. I just had to match up to the right horse, and he was it, Steven knew it too. Steven did all of the scheduling, follow up, etc... with the gelding procedure, and went way beyond what a breeder is expected to do. When we had an unexpected problem with the stable manager and had to send Tsjalling back shortly after possession of him - an absolutely crazy event, which had nothing to do with anything the horse did wrong, Steven was so supportive, and if it hadn't been for his understanding and commitment to seeing horse and owner being together, I would have gone crazy! It was, and still is, a complete joy dealing with Steven, his wonderful staff, and being treated as friends, by him, and his lovely wife. Everyone is first rate in our opinion. I have a dream horse who takes my breath away. Thank you Steven and Kamilla!"

Owner: Gail T.
Horse Adopted: Geronimo

"I purchased Geronimo from Steven and Kamilla in the summer of 2003. I had recently lost my horse and knew that it would be difficult to find another horse with the fairytale combination of beauty, intelligence, and personality. As I searched for that special horse I came across Wish Upon A Ster and I think I fell in love with every horse in the barn! Steven and Kamilla were great at just letting me look and ask questions. They were as concerned as I was about making sure I got the right horse. I finally decided on Geronimo and I knew I made the right decision because right after agreeing to purchase him he grabbed one of his water buckets in his teeth and promptly dumped it on someone misfortunate enough to be sitting in front of his stall! At the time, Geronimo was going through a phase of "the uglies", as Steven called it, but Steven assured me that Geronimo would mature into a stunning animal. He was right. At three years old, Geronimo is the most beautiful horse I've ever seen, and has become a member of my family, in addition to being the king of the barn! Thank you, Steven and Kamilla, for helping me find my fairytale horse!"