Our Mission

Our Mission

Our horses are family to us.  

It is paramount that they go to approved homes-forever homes-and we reserve the right to do the approving. We feel the responsibility of ensuring to whatever degree possible their assurance of the best life possible once they leave our home. It is as important that our horses find a dream home as it is that we match you to your dream horse.

This breed is known for being people-oriented. Friesians bond to their people, so you should plan on coming to the farm to meet the horse you are interested in. Watching a video is fine, and reviewing photographs and pedigrees is important, but nothing is more critical than a one-on-one encounter. The trip will be worth it. They are worth it. Happy horses are as important to us as happy clients. 

When you bring into your family one of our Friesians, you are also becoming a member of our family.

What sets us apart is the fact that we are not brokers. We do not simply import to sell Friesians. We carefully import the quality that we want to focus on at the farm. This means the proper health, conformation, movement, pedigree, and temperament. We assess each Friesian as an individual and learn everything that we can about them. We implement a training schedule, one which will best help the horse to prepare for their involvement at our farm or their next home. The final difference between Friesian brokers and Wish Upon A Ster Friesians is this: the day one of our horses is adopted by you is the day that our relationship with you formally begins. We are available always for ongoing questions, support, training, and suggestions. Friesians have unique health, nutrition and training needs; they are extremely intelligent, and need to be treated differently than other horse breeds. We share this information for the life of your Friesian.

We do not need to sell any of our horses, and we approve each and every home. While it means that some of our horses stay here a bit longer than others, several of them will stay here for a lifetime. With the quality we welcome to our farm, we do not worry about which ones stay and which ones go. We are concerned about their care after they leave our farm, which is why we are so selective when approving homes.

We do not believe that "a horse is a horse is a horse." They are not all alike; each is an individual and we want to help you to find your horse but also to understand him/her as well. Expect us to spend some time with you, making certain that we have answered all of your questions, and that you know everything there is to know about your horse.

At the farm we will always do what is in our animals’ best interest.  We are dedicated to our horses and our new "family members."  We want each of you to be happy for life!

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the things that take our breath away."

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